Seasonal Craft: quick knit an Easter Bunny

Easter is almost here but there is still enough time to quickly whip up one of these cute knitted bunnies!


These are quite possibly the EASIEST  toy you can make. Even a novice knitter can manage these as it’s simply a square of garter stitch.

I’ve done the sewing part in purple so you can see easily,  but you would generally want to use the same colour as your knitting so that the stitches are invisible when you are finished.

Step 1
Knit a square of garter stitch. That’s just rows of knit stitch (no purling). You can knit any sized square you like. The bigger the square, the bigger the finished bunny. I cast on 30 stitches and then kept going until I had a square. No counting rows required. Doesn’t get any easier than that! When you have your square, cast off and weave in your ends.


Step 2
Run a thread through the knitting in the triangle you see below. The thread runs across the middle of the square, up to the midline,  then back down to the start to complete the triangle.

Quick tip! Easiest way to find the middle is to simply fold your square in half. No need to measure or count rows πŸ˜‰


Step 3
Pull on the ends of the thread and magically a head shape will start to form!


The two little corner triangles become the ears, the large triangle in the middle is the head. Stuff the head as you go. Wool batting would be perfect, but I’m using siliconised soft fill as it is all that was available at my local fabric store.


Step 4
Secure the stitching around the head and then begin to stitch along the back, filling the body with stuffing as you go.


Step 5
Attach a pompom for a tail. Cuteness!
Tie a knot in the end of a thread and position the knot in place of an eye. Stitch straight through to the opposite side of the face and knot the other end for the second eye. Cut off the thread.

Alternatively,  you could use stick on eyes or stitch on buttons, but I think knotted eyes are safer if you are giving this to a small child who is likely to put toys in their mouth (I’m looking at you, darling daughter!)


And voila! Easter bunny done 😊

I’ve made one each for my children to find during their egg hunt on Easter morning. I would love to see what you’ve made and hear about your Easter morning traditions.


Happy crafting x


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