Take aim and fire!

I have recently discovered some people find it offensive for a suburban homesteading page to discuss despatching animals to feed your family. Trust facebook to bring out the ugly in people.


It has me wondering though… are our followers not aware that we here at ‘Forage and Forge’ all about becoming as self-sufficient as we can on our little patch of suburbia OR do people not really know what suburban homesteading is? Maybe people believe we should strive for self-sufficient vegetarianism? Hmmmm


So I have (of course) decided to write a series of blog posts explaining the how, what and why of suburban homesteading 😊 Which makes NOW the perfect time to ask any questions you have about this way of living.

Fire away!


8 thoughts on “Take aim and fire!

  1. It’s a bit of a shock you were attacked for eating your own well looked after animals. That is what homesteading, simple living and sustainable living is all about. Well done for all your hard work and effort and thoughtfulness you put in to feeding your family.

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  3. I’m not on Facebook a whole lot cause I just don’t have the time but seriously?! We plan on doing this too. Where do people think chicken comes from in the shop? I’d rather butcher our own animals that we know have been fed the right food and looked after then not knowing how said animals were looked after before they got to the shop. Good on you for sticking to your guns. We will be joining you once were in our house.

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    • I was so shocked Jess! I’m with you. I would rather know the animals had a good life, were despatched humanely and then fully appreciated once they reach the dinner table. We waste NOTHING from the animal as we respect it so much

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  4. I think people are just ignorant about where food comes from. When people buy meat from the supermarket they don’t get educated on the process from farm to shelf and maybe they should! Animals such as chickens and cows are bred for feeding the population whether its for their eggs, milk or actual meat. I think some also don’t want to be faced the reality. I have a friend who is a vegetation but loves meat but because she knows she wouldn’t be able to kill animals herself she feels she doesn’t have the right to eat meat. Others may feel the same so enjoy the ignorance! What they don’t see can’t affect them or their views or morals etc

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      • No problem. Hubbies from farming background and works in farming, we have lots of farming friends so education about farming and our food, I find very important. Fortunately in Scotland there is the Royal highland Education Trust which aims to education children about food, farming and the countryside through farm visits, classroom speakers etc. Hopefully the next generation will be better informed!

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