‘Lil Soap Co.’ A Review

“Anyone’s life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit.”
~ Lillie Langtry


It finally happened! Someone said to me, “Hey! You’re a blogger. Want to try my stuff for FREE and maybe review it?” Umm, hell yeah I want the free stuff. Have you read my blog? I’m all about the free stuff in life.

And this free stuff was the good stuff. The kind of stuff I would actually buy. Will buy! It’s handmade soap from a local work-at-home mama and fellow homeschooler, Casey at Lil Soap Co.

To say the soap looks gorgeous is a bit of an understatement. Take a closer look! It looks just like a bar of white chocolate that I seriously want to eat. Mmmm chocolate *drool* (Note to self. Raid chocolate stash once children are in bed ;-))


The smell is divine. Casey makes her soaps using Brambleberry essential oils which makes this particular soap (it’s her lemongrass and chamomile soap) antimicrobial and anti-BO. Yes, my underarm region is smelling lovely thanks. In fact, my whole bathroom is smelling lovely in a non-overpowering, no fake smells here kind of way.

Speaking of ingredients, Casey lists every ingredient she uses in her soaps and there are no nasties here. I often shy away from using soaps, even organic soaps, as I find them really drying which in turn aggravates my eczema. This particular one contains organic chamomile tea which makes it rather soothing and hasn’t left my skin dry. She has another soap, ‘soothe operator’ specifically made for those with sensitive skin.

Other things I like about this soap: lathers well enough to use when shaving my legs and no packaging (i.e. no waste to throw away).

Things I don’t like about this soap: I have to fight my husband for it :-p

And that’s my first ever review DONE!

*Soaps can be purchased through the Lil Soap Co. etsy store*


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