Beneath the Christmas Tree

With less than a week to go before Christmas, I think it’s about time I got cracking on the gifts. I’ve purchased a few items, but on the whole this will be a handmade Christmas. Excitingly it will also be the closest we have come to a zero waste Christmas too!

Wooden Blocks

$8 worth of pine off-cuts from Bunnings and an hour in the workshop is all this gift costs. Simply use a saw to cut the timber into different shapes and sizes. We’ve decided to make half of the blocks and gift Nikolai with a child-sized set of hand tools with the remainder of the timber. This way we can help him to make some blocks as well.


Not homemade or zero waste. Actually these are one of only a handful of plastic toys we allow into our home (you can read more about our toy guidelines here), but I am so excited to add these to our small selection of open-ended toys. I purchased ours from Modern Teaching Aids.


I found this gorgeous handmade doll on Etsy. Crocheted from natural materials,Β  she is soft and warm. I deliberately chose a doll with minimal facial features to allow for more imaginative freedom. A world away from hard, plastic dolls with their painted on features, this doll could just as easily be sad as she could be happy, angry or serene.Β 


Doll’s Cradle

A tip shop find! My husband spotted this old timber doll’s cradle and brought it home to be nursed back to life. A lick of chalk paint and it will be a beautiful bed for the baby doll.


Imagine the cradle in a soft, chalky white


I’ll be making up large batches of no-cook playdough with Christmas themes: gingerbread, peppermint candycane, orange and cinnamon. Simply add different natural colours and scents. For example white playdough with peppermint oil and red edible glitter makes candycane playdough. Layering the different doughs in a glass jar will make a cheery gift for small nieces and nephews.


My experienced playdough-making assistant will help make the gifts

Bake-your-own Cookie Jar

Zero-Waste Chef has a lovely recipe for a Choc-chip cookie kit in a jar which will be perfect for older nieces. I’m sure their chocolate mad mama won’t mind helping them bake these!

Homemade Cordial

Forget chemical-laden artificial flavours in a plastic bottle. Homemade cordial is easy to make and tastes divine. Find my recipe here. I’ve been collecting glass bottles to make cordial for all of the grownups πŸ™‚

Bath salts and scrubs

Got salt, sugar, honey? You’ve got everything you need to make these little treats. I haven’t settled ona recipe yet,  but here’s some ideas to get you started


Another gift that is neither zero waste nor homemade, but seriously…BOOKS!

And of course everything will be wrapped in either fabric offcuts, or this lovely paper printed by Nikolai.


Potato stamping an old roll of brown paper

What treasures are waiting beneath your Christmas tree?


7 thoughts on “Beneath the Christmas Tree

  1. I absolutely love the doll! All these gifts are wonderful πŸ™‚ I am using up our stash of wrapping paper (I had an impressive supply saved) and when that is gone I will either make some fabric gift bags or use other wrappings (like newspaper, etc). We have greatly reduced our trash this year but it is not zero waste yet. We did reduce the amount of presents we bought for our daughter and I made the majority of the presents for my family. He bought presents for his 4 nieces and nephews, helped our daughter make a gift for her two grandmas, and we did not buy presents for his brother, sister, and their significant others. I also want to make some play dough for our daughter and maybe some baked goodies for my brother and sister in law and their significant others.

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  2. Great present ideas. I’m a little late for Christmas but these would be great for birthdays too! I love the cradle you found, bet it was cute all painted. I love getting handmade prezzies as you know the person has put a lot of thought into it. Homemade sloe gin and homemade truffles and other chocolates and homemades chutney’s and jams go down well with my friends.

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