Weed tea

Sometimes my garden is growing lots of delicious,  nutritious food…


And then sometimes it’s growing weeds. If I’m lucky it’s just a few and the chookies get a treat 🙂


But sometimes I have been lazy (so terribly lazy!). Times like this call for weed tea. Not the kind the aging hippy down the road drinks. The liquid gold kind. Weed tea FERTILISER 😉

All of those nutrients the weeds have been stealing from your garden can easily be returned to their rightful place. All you need is a garbage bin with a lid, an old pillowcase, water and weeds. Lots of weeds!


Step 1: pull out weeds and stuff them into your pillow case. Fill it right up and tie it off with a rubberband. This is your teabag.


Step 2: put your teabag into your rubbish bin (henceforth known as your teapot) and cover with water. You may want to weigh it down with a large rock to keep the teabag submerged.

Step 3: this is the most important step. Put the lid on your teapot/bin TIGHT. This is going to stink in no time at all; you do NOT want it to spill.

Step 4: Now we wait.

Six weeks later all of the weeds will have drowned. Remove your teabag and empty it into your compost bin. Thise weeds are now dead so you can be sure they are not going to start growing in there. The watery sludge in the bottom of your teapot is your fertiliser. Give it a stir with a long stick. This is one designer scent you don’t want to be wearing.

(Come to think of it, you will want to be wearing gloves or using tongs -OR BOTH- when you remove the teabag).

Your homemade liquid fertiliser is strong so don’t apply it neat or you will burn your plants. Dilute it down 1 part weed tea to 10 parts water. Apply to the base of your plants in the morning. 

Voila!  The nuisance in your garden just saved you spending your hard earned cash on fertiliser. Organic and free! Bet you never thought you’d hear those two words together in a sentence :-p


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