A Shameful Collection: otherwise titled ‘Perfect Steamed Rice’

I have a collection of large, white, plastic spoons. And while I love these spoons and use them daily for serving dinner, it’s not a collection I’m particularly proud of. You see, each of these spoons came with a rice cooker. One. Per. Cooker.

Yes, I’ve been through more than my share of rice cookers over the years. They are cheap and (I think) designed to break within the year. Truly, they don’t even save much in the way of time and effort. And you know what- they don’t even make particularly nice rice!

I’ll share a secret with you. Steamed rice is one of THE EASIEST foods to prepare. Once you’ve done it this way, you’ll never want to use a rice cooker again.


Measure out 2 cups of rice then put it into a strainer. Wash. Thoroughly. Hold the strainer under running water and move the rice around with your fingers to make sure it all gets washed. Wash it until the water runs clear. DO NOT skimp on the washing.

Put your rice into a large pot and cover with water. Make sure the water comes to about 2cm above the rice.  Set your pot on the stove over high heat and pop on the lid.

Now listen. Once you can hear the water boil, turn the heat down low. You are absolutely NOT to take off the lid to check. Just listen for the boiling.

Once it’s boiling and you’ve turned the heat down, start timing. 10 minutes. When the ten minutes are up remove the pot from the stove and set it on a board. You are still not allowed to take off the lid. No peeking! Time another 10 minutes.

Now your rice is done! Yes, you can finally take the lid off and look and what you’ve cooked. You are looking at absolutely perfect steamed rice. Take that rice cooker! All it needs is a little fluffing with a fork or chopsticks.

While I love my spoons, I will NEVER be adding another one to my collection.

2 cups of dry rice makes approximately 4 cups of cooked rice.
I used medium grain white rice in this recipe.


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