Season Envy- it’s totally a thing!

I’m suffering from a serious case of season envy. In case you haven’t heard of this terrible malady, here’s the definition:

Season Envy
A serious condition whereby the sufferer lapses into a state of melancholy after reading blog posts about their favourite season, whilst being unable to experience said season themselves. Symptoms range from a mild longing to a heart-crushing envy. This condition is not to be dismissed lightly.

Ok, ok. I made it up. But it really should be a thing. Honestly,  I’m not the only one who suffers from this. Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things wrote a beautiful post describing her personal treatment for  Season Envy here (yes, I do think the condition is serious enough to warrant capitals).

Unfortunately Kelle’s remedy isn’t an option for me because it is Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. ALL.OVER.IT You wouldn’t know from all the Autumn (Fall) posts on the internet, but it is totally true. Half the world is experiencing Spring. Crazy!

If all the baby birds and buzzing bees haven’t tipped you off, Spring is a pretty busy time in the natural world. Gardens included. I’m miles behind in my planting but here is what we have been up to so far…


We’ve experimented, less than succesfully, with growing tomatoes and capsicums in our DIY seedling tray. So far only one baby tomato plant has appeared. I’ll keep you posted on the fate of our remaining seeds.


The warmer weather has been hard on our lettuce. The cos went to seed so we have had our first go at seed saving. I managed to get enough seeds that I can swap some with a friend. Confession: I am ridiculously excited about this step towards sustainable gardening. The iceberg lettuce wasn’t so fortunate however. We lost 3 plants to rot after a large storm. Another plant is about to bolt. What we did manage to harvest was DELICIOUS. Seriously,  iceberg has no business being so flavourful! I’ll try growing some more in a cooler spot. We NEED to have it in our chicken sandwiches πŸ˜‰


In all of the excitement of moving into our new kitchen, a bag of potatoes got forgotten at the back of the cupboard and decided to sprout themselves. If you have potatoes that have done this,  don’t throw them out! Dig some shallow trenches  and pop them in. Next season you will have LOTS of yummy taters to dig up. Growing potatoes is particularly useful for breaking up hard ground and they are one of the easiest vegies to grow.


Zucchini seeds have gone in…


As well as beans…


And cucumbers!

The beans and cucumbers are big enough to stake now,  so I’ll have to get a wriggle on in the trellis-making department this week. There is also a large patch of ground to clear so we can get the beetroot and pumpkins in.  And we need to take another crack at germinating our tomatoes and capsicums.

Meanwhile the garden is still giving us lots of leeks, rainbow carrots and WAY TOO MUCH KALE. We’ve got a few varieties of onions and some radishes well on their way, and I spotted a small sweet potato last week. We aren’t done eating the potatoes we harvested from Winter either!

Spring is definitely busy…and I guess that is helping my Season Envy.  Just a little.

Do you suffer from Season Envy?

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4 thoughts on “Season Envy- it’s totally a thing!

  1. I’m wondering what capsicums are– a flower? Saving seeds from greens is SO rewarding. I’ve had great luck with mizuna and arugula, both of which seem to go to seed quickly. You get so many seeds from a plant. Even though seeds are not expensive given what you get back, there’s just something about FREE! And you don’t have to worry about them mixing.

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