Cooking like a grandma: perfect fried eggs

It doesn’t matter what day of the week you rock up on my Nanna’s doorstep, if it’s breakfast time there will be eggs in the pan. Toast, fried eggs and tomatoes, hashbrowns and bacon. According to Nanna, that is what breakfasts are made of.

I’ll confess I haven’t always been a fan of a cooked breakfast, although like my Nanna I do tend to create habits around my food. There was a good 18 months there when breakfast was always a fresh juice. In an earlier, less healthy incarnation, it was a daily spinach and ricotta pastry from the local bakery.

While fried eggs aren’t quite a daily occurance in my house, they do make an appearance a couple of times a week now, thanks to the abundance of eggs from our chooks. Obviously this means I’ve had to perfect fried eggs. Here’s my ‘recipe’, just in time for the weekend. You’re welcome 😉


You’ll need a fry pan and a spatula, along with some butter (or olive oil), free range eggs, cherry tomatoes, hot buttered toast and your condiment of choice.

The trick with fried eggs is to use the freshest eggs possible. Not a problem if you keep chooks 😉 It’s also best if the eggs are at room temperature,  so take them out of the fridge a bit before breakfast time if that’s where you keep them. If you’re an Aussie, that’s probably where they are 😀

Warm your pan to a medium heat and melt your butter. If you prefer, use your oil of choice. Olive oil is fairly neutral tasting so that would be my recommendation.  When your butter/oil is warm but not bubbling, crack in the egg. If you aren’t pro at egg cracking you could try cracking the egg onto a saucer first and then sliding the egg into the pan.

Now here’s the secret to soft (not crispy) eggs with a runny yolk. Wait for it… put a lid on the pan! The lid traps in the steam which helps cook the white quicker. That way you don’t end up with uncooked white and crumbly yolk. And now you wait.

While you’re waiting, chop a few cherry tomatoes in half width-ways and pop them cut-side down in the pan. Pop your toast in to cook. By the time it’s done and buttered your eggs should be about ready. If they aren’t quite done you can always flip them over and cook for a further 30 seconds (this is what is meant by ‘over easy’). Now simply pile your plate up, season to taste and dig in!


Don’t forget to collect your eggshells to either feed back to your hens or use on your garden.

Of course you could add more sides to make the meal more filling. Bacon or sausages is generally traditional, but meat at breakfast time is just something I can’t come at. That’s just a personal preference though, so I won’t be cross if you feel the need to get your carnivore on. A little bubble ‘n’ squeak come hashbrown type side made from last night’s leftover veg is more my thing. Whatever takes your fancy.

So I guess we all now what you’ll be eating for breakfast tomorrow, right?

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