Renolife update

I’ve been a little quiet on the internet front lately, but only because things have suddenly picked up speed on the renos. Six months ago we started work on the kitchen, just a little here and there, eventually gutting the kitchen and living room. Since The Mister has been home the last few weeks, things have suddenly kicked into gear!

First I lost one wall…


Then another…


Along with the pantry,Β  linen press, benches and cupboards!

Thankfully I then gained some new walls. Hello gyprock and hello dust!

For the next week and a bit my house turned WHITE. There was so much dust we had fans going contantly and my handy hubby used the leaf blower to clean up every evening. Tomorrow will be the last dust day as the final coat of plaster is dry and ready for sanding.

Meanwhile, the electrician has been and cut new powerpoint holes. The plumber is on his way to modify the pipes ready for my fancy new sink. I’ve been busy priming the kitchen walls and painting a GIANT blackboard in the hallway (keep an eye out for that one in upcoming posts!). I’ve also temporarily misplaced my Ikea obsession. I am officially Ikea’d out!


This cool dude has provided some cheap labour. He works for food and tv time πŸ˜‰ He helped knock out the pantry and is now on to painting in the kitchen.


My Little Mathematician turned Little Labourer

There is still A LOT to do. A LOT! But it is so exciting seeing the house transform,  not into a perfect showroom style house, but into a home that reflects who we are as a family.

We are moving towards being more energy-efficient. The new layout will reduce our dependence on electric lighting and lessen the need to cool and heat our home.

Our home will be more child friendly. We’ve kept the kids in mind each step of the way, from the choice of flooring, to the bench layout,  to the blackboard. This is a home for them to enjoy as much as us.

Tomorrow will be a big day for all of us. Working together as a family. Learning new skills together, with the help of our family and friends. But for the moment we are taking a break. The boys are playing Connect 4 while the baby crawls over them, and I’m sitting here enjoying them.

Renolife has proven to be precious x


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