A Monday

“What does a typical day look like?”

I get asked this a lot, and I know when I was contemplating the change to homeschool that it was what I wanted to know too. It’s frustrating that the answer really is that there are no two days alike. Add in the fact that no two families are alike and it’s an almost impossible question to answer. But this is what our yesterday looked like…

We woke up when we were ready. My Little Mathematician wandered downstairs to feed the cat and chickens, and to watch cartoons. An hour later the rest of us joined him. I fed the baby and the dogs, then we sat around eating breakfast and chatting. The Mister went to pick up his brother because they had a day of renovating planned. The baby explored the house while her brother read and I did some housework.


LM has been copying Mother Goose rhymes for handwriting practice. He likes to read them out loud to us all before he chooses one to write out. Occasionally he chooses one to memorise and recite for family, but yesterday he just copied.


We have been learning about Ancient Egypt and found a great book about their food. I left it out along with some leading questions. LM used his knowledge of Egyptian geography to guess at what they would eat before reading the book to find the actual answer. He discovered a recipe for chicken skewers he thought would be tasty so he wrote a shopping list of ingredients.


He then decided to play with the tangrams I had left out for him. While he was doing this I wandered between playing with his sister, doing the housework and joining in with the tangram play.


We discussed different types of patterns, made them for each other to copy, designed pictures and wrote down the language we were using: growing patterns, repeating patterns, symmetry, shape, size, rotate, flip, and so on.


At about 10am the baby went down for a nap and my Little Mathematician decided to plan a secret tunnel through the house. This involved drawing a map of the house and yard, labelling the map, digging in the yard, and reading a book on what the Earth is made of. He wrote a list of hazards to look for when digging, and this included wombats! Of course this meant he needed to know more about wombat behaviour and habitat so he asked me to help him Google the information.


When Little Beastie woke up we went to the shops and found the ingredients on the list. We came home for lunch and a play, then started on our Egyptian chicken recipe because it needed to sit in the fridge for a few hours. LM read the recipe, measured the ingredients and made the marinade.


Next up he wrote a letter to his great-grandmother using this little kit I had put together for him. We then all sat down to watch a DVD together. Eventually the baby was looking tired again so she had a bottle and went off to bed.


LM headed outside to plant some sunflower seeds in the garden bed he had built with his dad a while ago. He watered the garden, checked for eggs and played hopscotch.


He helped weed, supervised the chickens freeranging in the garden and picked carrots to have with dinner. He had planted these carrots himself earlier in the year.


LM helped prepare dinner with his Dad, then played with his Uncle and sister while I finished cooking. We all ate together then Uncle went home. The kids went off to bed, I prepped for the next day then watched some TV before getting an early night.

So that was yesterday. So far today has been completely different. Both are different to what I had imagined and planned for us when we were making the decision to become a homeschool family.

What do your days look like? Are they the way you imagined?



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