It’s not all fun and games

Today I followed a trail of blood and feathers and found my favourite chook under the car. We think she’ll live…
(Warning: images may be upsetting)


The other day I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was puppy-proofing my fences. Well I ran out of wire and, because we have all been sick, I hadn’t got to the hardware store for more chickenwire to finish the job. This morning we heard a great kerfuffle and went out to find Erebos had once again escaped and had got himself into the chook yard. My Little Mathematician ran around, looking himself much like a chook with its head chopped off,caught the wayward pup…and then we noticed Sunshine was missing.


She has lost all of her feathers from her neck. When the baby wakes from her nap we will head down to the produce to get some antibiotic ointment for her. She will be spending at least a few days in the cage while her skin heals to avoid the other girls pecking at the wounds.


It took an hour to get her out from under the car as she had wedged herself in to hide. In that time I had explained to my son that I thought I would have to put her down. Once we got her out we decided it looks worse than it probably is. We sat and had some cuddles to calm her.


Meanwhile, my Little Beastie ripped up the last of my marigolds while we were distracted. By the time she went down for her nap she was so grubby I had to change her clothes 😁 Potting more flowers has now been added to this week’s to-do list.


We have only just taken Snow out of our quarantine container and put her back in the yard. She came down with the chicken version of a head cold last week. Who knew chickens could get so snotty?! Thanks to some home remedies shared by friends (tuna and vegemite…how Aussie haha) she recovered quickly.

The puppy is now penned until the fencing is complete.


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