Those who can’t do, plan!

I’ve a shocker of a headache today, so rather than doing, I am planning.  Truly,  I’m a sucker for a to-do list. There is something so satisfying about ticking things off…or maybe it’s just me? Please tell me I’m not alone in loving to plan and cross off 😍

Checklist for this week/end

#1 Find out what this black spot is and treat it (organically). It’s on the underside of my lettuce leaves, and a few of my bean leaves. Any ideas, interwebbers? There are a few flies hanging around too. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.


#2 Handwash all of the clothes. If you follow my facebook page you will know my machine finally gave up the ghost after 9 years of loyal service. Not too shabby for a modern front loader. I briefly toyed with the idea of not replacing it and just washing by hand, but I have been assured that modern machines are more water efficient than handwashing, and aren’t the energy suckers they were,  so I’ve ordered a new machine. It’s still a week away, so handwashing it is. I’ll confess, I cheated and took my towels to my Nana’s and had her put them through her washer for me. Wringing towels by hand is no fun, especially on cold mornings. The load of clothes is something I can easily manage though. I just soak overnight in the laundry tub to make life easier for myself.


#3 Finish prepping my garden bed. I’ve caught the planting bug and decided I could do with a larger variety of vegetables than I’ve so far put in. At the moment we have french beans, shelling peas, cos lettuce, baby spinach, asparagus, purple carrots, leeks, sweet potato and regular potato happily growing. I have another lot of potatoes and some regular orange carrots to go in too. I’d like to add beetroot, snow peas, onions and garlic as well. My herbs are all in pots, but I think a few in the vegie patch would help deter unhelpful insects 😉


#4 Cook up a few meals for the freezer. I had a ‘can’t be bothered’ night last night, but sadly had cleaned out the freezer. Time to put a few more meals away. For some reason my kids expect to be feed every night 😜

Checklist for the next month

#1 Write letter to school. The Little Mathematician has spilled the beans and told his teacher we have decided to give homeschooling a try, starting next term. That’s only 4 weeks of school left! I’m excited but starting to get a little nervous as well, although I really do think this will be best for the entire family. His teacher has been so kind and supportive, offering to help with the transition any way she can. That just leaves an official letter for the Principal to let him know what is happening and thank him for our wonderful experience at the school.

#2 Finalise application and plan for HEU. In my state we are required to register for homeschooling and provide them with a plan for the year ahead. We don’t have to follow the state curriculum, but do need to show an understanding of our child’s learning style, how to provide learning opportunities, and how to track progress.

#3 Buy 1 last chicken. My husband gifted me a lavender Araucana and 2 black bantam Araucanas last week, leaving room for just one more chicken in my flock.  Our council only allows 6 poultry birds on our size block *sob*. It’s a tough decision now that I have discovered the huge variety out there!


Meet Snow, Nightshade and Dizzy

#4 Plant fruit trees. The fences are all finished so trees will now be safe from the dog. The weather has turned cool so it’s the perfect time to transplant trees, while the roots are dormant. I just need to decide on what and where. I’m thinking a lemon, an orange, an apple…I’m thinking I’m a bit boring :mrgreen:


#5 Finishing ripping out old kitchen, plan new kitchen and order benches. We pulled up the lino the day we bought the house. We’ve now lived here for 3 months and not much progress has been made to be honest. Flooring is up, stove/oven is gone and all cupboard doors are gone. We still need to pull out the sink and benches, and remove the old pantry. I’d like to go open plan with room for a big country-style table in the middle, and a big, white double sink *le sigh*


At this point I will settle for having a working oven again. Although it is nice to know I’m married to the kind of man who gives our’s to a mum who needed it more (ssshhhh. Don’t tell him I told). My camp stove and convection oven is more than adequate and economical, so long as no one comes over expecting a light and fluffy cake 😉


There’s more. I know there’s more. But for the moment I am putting away my lists and I’m going to sit and savour this quiet day. My Little Beastie is sitting beside me, devouring tinned peaches with sticky fingers, while her big brother sits atop the play house reading ‘ The Wishing Chair’.


Even with a sore head it’s a beautiful day 🌞


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