Three in the bed

There were three in the bed

And the little one said,

“Roll over. Roll over”

So they all rolled over and

Mum fell out!

With the weather cooling, I can see why some people like carpet. Or at the very least insulation and sealed floors. Unfortunately I came to this revelation a week after I took the ripped up carpet to the tip! Oops 😉

Carpet and underlay gone. Beautiful boards revealed

Carpet gone. Underlay gone. Beautiful boards revealed

With no carpet, no furniture and no insulation, the house felt much colder than 10 degrees last night, and by 10pm both kids were in my bed so we could all try to stay warm. Cue incessant coughing in one ear (the 6 year old) and hourly whinging in the other ear (the 8 month old). By midnight I wanted to chew my arms off just to get the kids off them! (I love them, really I do).

Welcome to our merry adventures, as we try to turn our suburban block into a sustainable paradise. On a budget. A very small one…

And with the budget in mind, it does beg the question: do I buy heaters or a larger bed before my husband gets home next week?


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